Thursday, October 13, 2011

State to Dedicate Extension of Tunnel Hill Trail to Eldorado

Local and state officials will officially dedicate the newest segment of the Tunnel Hill State Trail Friday at 4 p.m. in Harrisburg. The segments starts at the north end of Harrisburg, crosses the Saline River on a new bridge and travels through Muddy and Wasson before connecting with an existing network of bike trails in Eldorado.

View Larger Map of the Tunnel Hill State Trail at the Middle Fork of the Saline River by Harrisburg

The showpiece of the new path must be the bridge spanning the Saline River at Muddy, where great blue herons may be seen trying their luck with the little fish flashing in the water below.

"The scenery is spectacular throughout the bike trail and the bridge enhances the beauty of the trail," Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg said. "I think this is something we can build on and I'm interested in working closely with (Eldorado) Mayor (Rocky) James and everybody along the bike path."

The ribbon cutting will take place where the trail crosses Veterans Drive at the Small Street intersection.

South of Harrisburg the state maintains a 45-mile segment through Tunnel Hill, Vienna, and finally ends at the Cache River Wetlands Center at Perks.

The trail is crushed limestone in rural areas, and concrete in Harrisburg and Eldorado.

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