Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voters OK Rend Lake Development

Voters in Franklin and Jefferson Counties gave the Rend Lake Conservancy District a green light today to pursue private sector development on leased conservancy district lands along Rend Lake.

The district approved a request for proposals earlier this year for development along the lake front. Although this was something a part of the original plans for the lake the district's board wanted to make sure the public still support it since it had been nearly 40 years since those original plans were made.

Residents supported the proposals nearly 2 to 1 according to results in the Mount Vernon Register-News.
In Jefferson County, voters answered the advisory question with 7,309 saying yes to development and 3,639 voting against. In Franklin County, 9,813 voters said yes, and 5,559 no, for a total of 17,122 voting in favor and 9,198 against.