Thursday, May 06, 2010

Hearing Begins on IDEA Bill

The House Revenue and Finance Committee has presumably begun their 5:30 p.m. hearing. The IDEA bill for Marion is the third one on the agenda.

As to the changes in Bradley's second version of the bill filed earlier (House Floor Amendment #4, they don't seem to be major, or at least directly affect the Marion plan.

The new amendment appears to be the same as to language for the Marion project. There's a new Section 63 (p. 74) of the latest amendment which amends part of the New Markets Development Program Act increasing the level of tax credits to $20 million from $10 million.

Then, Section 64 of the new amendment appears to be the Section 65 of the old one. Both expand the jurisdiction of the Auditor General to cover the various funds created with this piece of legislation.

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