Friday, May 07, 2010

Fiscal Note Filed, Details Await on IDEA

The Fiscal Note, or how the bureaucrats at Revenue think the bill will affect the state's finances, has been filed for the IDEA bill, leaving the bill still waiting for one note - how the bill will affect the state's unbalanced budget.

The details haven't been posted yet.

Movement only appears slow on this until you realize the announcement for the project was last Saturday and the actual bill language wasn't filed until Wednesday.

So far the various notes shows that the legislation will not do the following:
  • Impact the Department of Corrections either financially or in terms of prison populations,
  • Require any appraisals because there are no land conveyances included in the bill,
  • Impact any public pension fund or retirement system in Illinois,
  • Change the amount of state-backed bonds authorized in the system as STAR bonds would not be an obligation of the State of Illinois,
  • Either increase or decrease the number of judges need,
  • Pre-empt home rule authority,
  • Create a state mandate, and
  • Have any effect on the cost of constructing, purchasing, owning or selling a single-family residence.

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