Friday, October 19, 2007

Win One, Lose One

Just as we win a victory with air service resuming to St. Louis next month from Williamson County Regional Airport, Mesa Airlines announced this week they will be suspending air service to Chicago.

Airport Manager Doug Kimmel called the decision an "unfortunate situation" in an interview with the Southern Illinoisan.
Mesa came to Williamson County Airport in February as a result of the I-Fly fund that provided more than $100,000 each to the airports in Marion, Quincy and Decatur. Thomas Bacon, vice president of planning for Mesa Air Group said operating costs were too high and the exit is part of a strategy that will affect services throughout the company.

"We're very disappointed we have to leave the market," Bacon said. "The community's been great."

The only silver lining in the deal is that with the Marion-Decatur-Chicago route officially dead the possibility exists for a new Marion-Springfield-Chicago service which should service a greater demand.

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