Thursday, October 04, 2007

Low Water Levels Restrict Rend Lake Ramps

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers issued the following news release today concerning low water levels at Rend Lake.
Due to the unseasonably low water levels, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake is announcing the temporary closure of the North Marcum boat ramp and restrictions being placed on the use of the Gun Creek boat ramp.

The use of the Gun Creek boat ramp is being limited to boats which require less than 1 foot of draft when afloat. Both of these areas will re-open for unrestricted use when water levels return to levels which allow for the safe use of these facilities. No restrictions are currently in place for the remaining 16 boat ramps at Rend Lake which remain open for public use.

Below normal rainfall during the summer season has left Rend Lake water levels near record low elevations. The pool elevation at Rend Lake is currently 403.97 NVGD (National Vertical Geodetic Datum), which is approximately 1 foot below October’s average pool elevation of 404.9 NGVD.

The all-time low pool elevation recorded for Rend Lake was reached in November of 1974 with a level of 402.95 NGVD. The lake reached recreation “normal” pool of 405.0 NGVD for the first time following its construction in the fall of 1973.

Low water levels can cause sand bars, stumps and other obstructions to surface in unexpected areas. As always, the Corps strongly encourages boaters to wear their life jacket and exercise extreme caution when on the waters of Rend Lake.

For additional information on current lake levels and low water restrictions call the 24-hour Recreation Information Network at 618-625-1828 or by contacting the Rend Lake Project Office at 618-724-2493 or by email at

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