Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Huddle House headed for Marion

Just when I was saying to myself how West Main Street in Marion didn't have many restaurants, compared to other major streets in the city like Court Street, somebody went and done something about it.

Now this was back in February when I first heard the news, but it's official now. Marion is slated for a new Huddle House at 305 Comfort Drive off of West Main Street. Owner Robert Jellen took out a city building permit June 19, though no deed has been filed yet. It will be two lots north of the 20s Hideout and across the street from the new Sunshine Gardens assisted living facility that will be opening soon.

The permit gives a construction value of $850,000, which is actually a bit less than the new Krispy Kreme franchise which broke ground in June as well. The June 4 permit for that project showed it valued at $900,000.

Back in February the developer of the new Huddle House had been looking at the former Shell service station location in between 7th Street and Interstate 57 on the north side of West Main. The station, which was torn down last year, operated independently as Fuel Mart. Since then I'd heard he'd changed his attention to the west side of the interstate.

If you're wondering just what is a Huddle House, you're in for a treat if you've not dined at the one in Paducah, or the fairly new one in Greenville, Illinois, on your way to Springfield. According to the frequently asked questions on its franchising site, a "Huddle House is a Southern-style dining experience and community gathering spot that has been serving comfort food at a great value for five decades. At Huddle House, we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and our motto is 'Any Meal. Any Time.'"

It's basically a modern, better decorated Waffle House, and the food is good - at least the one in Greenville is.

The restaurant is believed to be going on Lot 15 of Cree Commercial Subdivision, which contains .95 acres, slightly larger than the narrow .74-acre gas station lot on the other side of the interstate. The typical freestanding Huddle House restaurant is usually fairly narrow itself, usually "2,200 square feet on a lot between 25,000 and 30,000."

The company recommends a minimum traffic count of 12,000 vehicles a day. West Main Street offers 15,100 in front of the site and 25,900 cars pass over Main Street everyday on Interstate 57, according to the state's traffic count, which shows at least two-year data from 2013. They also suggest an area with at least 12,000 population within five miles, which Marion surpasses.

Huddle House celebrated its 50th anniversary last year with 34 new restaurants opening, 10 of which were new construction like the Marion one.

Typically open 24-hours, Huddle House serves breakfast, lunch and dinner all day. The menu offers a mix of Southern inspired comfort food, including signature Big House breakfasts, crispy hash browns, creamy grits, golden waffles and fluffy omelets, all made to order. Other favorites include Big Bold Burgers, Big House sandwich platters, country fried steak with green beans and marinated grilled chicken with sweet potato fries.

The core values on which Huddle House was founded – serving quality food in a warm, friendly environment that brings the community together – remain intact today.

If the new restaurant operates 24 hours a day, it would join the interstate McDonalds and Steak 'n Shake as the only 24/7 eateries in town.

Huddle House isn't the only new development heading for West Main Street and Halfway. More on that tomorrow or so.

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Cindy Milligan said...

Horrible experience. U get that they are new. I understand that the food is made to order. Here is the problem the dining room floors were slick with grease. The wait staff seemed utterly confused on which tables were their's to wait on. If you wanted a table you had to sit at a dirty one and wait for someone to come clean it off. The food was cold. Refills were nearly obsolete. I get that it is a franchise and has to be operated within the confines of a franchise. However the icing on the cake was when we asked to speak to the owner and tried to voice our opinion concerns and constructive criticism. The man simply said "I don't need your suggestions if there is something wrong with your food I can make it again." Needless to say after that comment and many others in a condescending tone and manner I had no desire to ask him to piss on me if I was on fire. He was a freaking jerk and arrogant ass. I am not used to be talked to that way as a customer. I have ate at many huddle house restaurants any pretty much any place else. Where the owner or manager was gracious enough to at least listen to the suggestions whether he could put them to use or not. I won't be back. This was my second visit amd definitely my last after talking to the owner. It will be the last freaking dollar he will ever see from me EVER!!