Thursday, June 04, 2015

Walkers Bluff Casino?

In an apparent effort to attract downstate votes for a new Chicago casino a new wrinkle in the proposed legislation would allow casino gaming at Walkers Bluff and as well as a second place in Decatur.

Until last month, the general outlines of a plan included the new Chicago casino, as well as smaller casinos in southern Cook County, Rockford, Danville and Lake County.

But as the spring legislative session wound down last week, a new plan emerged that would bring smaller “satellite” casinos to central and Southern Illinois.

Each of those would have between 400 and 600 gaming positions.

Kurt Erickson of the Southern Illinoisan's Springfield bureau has the story.

I would link to the actual legislation, but it doesn't appear to have been filed yet. At least I could not find it on the General Assembly's website.

Walkers Bluff features Legends restaurant, gift shop and music venue. It has long claimed to be very much more than just a winery, but Southern Illinois' premiere entertainment venue. The article did not include any comment by the establishment's owners, Cynde and David Bunch.

In the interest of full disclosure I should point out that The General Store at Walkers Bluff is now carrying my books and others published or distributed by

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