Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tom's Place Owners Celebrate 15th Anniversary

It was a $10,000 night last Thursday at Tom's Place as the owners celebrated their 15th anniversary at the historic roadhouse eatery north of DeSoto. Five Danish master chefs (the owner Lasse Sorensen is Danish) each prepared one course of a five course meal to 80 guests who paid $125 each for the event.

The Southern has the story.
Each course was painstakingly planned out among the chefs using traditional Danish ingredients, but Sorensen said the catch in planning the menu was that no chef could use ingredients featured in one of the other courses.

The result of the planning was a Danish Cod prepared by Jan Sorensen, Lobster Mousseline by Lasse Sorensen, Black and White Winter Salad by Lars Kronmark, Roast Guinea Fowl by Kurt Kjaer Jensen and Apple Lady Pompadour by Gert Sorensen.

Congratulations to the Sorensens for their milestone and to the lucky 80 who sat down for dinner. Tickets sold out in three days leaving 100 on the waiting list.

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