Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Ryan Companies Working on Boulder Creek Site Plan

When Marion Mayor Bob Butler told the Southern Illinoisan last week that we are finally seeing movement — "I think the project is going to be getting off the ground very shortly." He wasn't kidding.

Brad Holland revealed the selection of Ryan Companies as a partner of some sort last week. Now Ryan Companies is working on a new site plan for the STAR Bonds District.

Interestingly, it's going to cover at least some of the adjoining lands not included currently in the district. Part of that may just deal with roads and other infrastructure issues, but still, it should offer some clues when it's finished shortly.

This plan will replace the fuzzy temporary plan shown in Millennium Development's brochure on the Holland Construction website.

Separate from the Boulder Creek development, but greatly influenced by its potential, I was told this morning about what may be the first property sale near the new Morgan Avenue interchange. There's no word yet on what will be built on the tract. Meanwhile there's solid movement on two other still-unannounced developments on the west side of the interstate.


Anonymous said...

Ryan Companies US, Inc. has a YouTube channel with five uploaded videos posted. Might be of interest to you and to others that read your blog.

Sounds like an excellent organization.

gaurav11 said...

Where can we get access to the site plan? Can this and other proceedings be posted to the website..doral real estate

Jon Musgrave said...


Contact me at jon.musgrave@mchsi.com.