Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Home-Style Buffet Opening Sunday in Marion

For everyone who misses The Refuge Restaurant in Marion (or for that matter the old Little Egypt Smorgasbord), a new Home Style Buffet will be opening Sunday, Nov. 27, in the Marion Plaza shopping center at 1000 N. Carbon Street behind Hardee's.

I heard more complaints about the truck stop selling and The Refuge closing than I did anything positive about the Pilot Travel Center that's currently remodeling the location. Apparently there's demand for home-style cooking in a buffet style. Replacing a buffet with Subway doesn't sit well with the Refuge's fans.

Now, just in time for the Christmas season, there's another option.

I don't know anything about the owners or the food. I just saw the lights in the old Nong Chen Buffet restaurant tonight after leaving La Fiesta. The note on the door just gave the name and the fact that it will open Sunday.

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