Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Rising Rivers, Gas Prices, Raise Concerns

Just got back from a book run through southeastern Illinois this afternoon. Here a few updates, thoughts, etc.

The Ohio River Scenic Byway visitors center in Equality will reopen next month.

First, the rivers are rising, but it's too early to tell if they're going to get damaging. I noticed the Saline was out of its banks below the Route 1 bridge. However, the ferry at Cave-in-Rock is expected to close Friday due to high water that will block access from the Kentucky side.

Hopefully we won't see a long period of high water. At this time of year a bigger percentage of the customers in the Cave-in-Rock restaurants come from Crittenden Co., Kentucky. Without a ferry, there's no close way to get to Illinois for a meal.

Yesterday, the water rose over Front Street in Rosiclare (which is annual occurrence in the winter) for the first time this season. The city closed the street today. Access is blocked to the E'town River Restaurant that floats along the river bank. Still, no cause to worry yet, the eatery wasn't planning to open until April anyway.

I also found out today that the Hardin County Independent decided to stop selling local interest books as of the first of the year. They had been carrying my books for the last few years. The late owner Noel Hurford was big on local history.

Not to worry, the gift shop at the historic Rose Hotel down the street has my books as well as others. (Check out the inn's website for a great video of the site). The River Rose Inn across the street also carries my books.

With all the trouble in the Arab world with residents finally getting upset with their undemocratic governments, oil prices are going up and so are gas prices. Wholesale prices for gas in Southern Illinois are now up to $3.01, I found at one service station on my way back. According to the owner, drivers can add another six bits (that's 75 cents in current currency) to see what the retail price will soon be.

I saw a lot of FOR SALE signs along Routes 1, 146, 145 and 34. This is a good time to buy. Just a reminder, I am a Realtor. While none of these are my listings, if you're looking for some property for a get-away retreat, hunting, or an investment, give me an e-mail at jon.musgrave@mchsi.com. I'm affiliated with Paul Wilson Realty in Marion, Illinois.

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