Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bed Tax Receipts Drop Slightly

Williamson County bed tax receipts dropped slightly in September according to figures received this week at the Williamson County Tourism Bureau.

The county levies a 5 percent bed tax which generated $58,230.20 owed by lodging operators in September. That's down about a half a percent.

By county ordinance the tourism bureau receives 40 percent of that amount, or $23,292.08 in the latest check, to support the bureau's operations. The remaining 60 percent goes to the Williamson County Events Commission to pay for the Williamson County Pavilion.

By comparison in 2006 the 2 percent bed tax for the tourism bureau generated 23,417.45, though at the time two motels were delinquent.

September's bed tax receipts are paid by the lodging operators to the county in October, and the county transfers the funds the following month to the tourism bureau and events commission.

CORRECTION - 12/19/06
I made a mistake in the calculations. Rather than a half a point decrease, September's motel receipts dropped 5.9 percent compared to August, but rose 5 percent from the previous September.

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